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Mar 16, 2021

What is your first memory of becoming self-aware? How about your most recent memory? 


The reality is, we are never finished growing in self-awareness.


In our conversation this week with Rae Lynn Schlief, we talk about self-awareness through different seasons of life and ministry. From the first moment of radical self-awareness in the midst of clinical pastoral education to approaching retirement, Rae Lynn shares stories that will inspire and challenge your life and leadership.

We talk about what self-awareness is, how it serves you in leadership, and how to continue cultivating self-awareness through the different seasons of life. Through it all, grace abounds. 

Rael Lynn invites you on a journey through stories. Lean in as she reflects with us about internal dialogue as well as external perceptions can deepen our self-awareness. Pause during moments in the conversation when we discuss vulnerability, triggers, and candor in prayer.

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