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Sep 29, 2020

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I choose you.

As you lead people to follow Jesus, there are challenges, disagreements, and different opinions that arise. In our conversation today with Brian Harkness, you'll hear how one pastor is building relationships with the leaders at the church and members of the local community.

You'll hear about ministries that have a deep focus on recovery. You'll hear what help looks like when someone is struggling, the challenges of ministering with people in the midst of addiction, and the beauty that comes from our brokenness. 

Brian leads with Woo, Communication, Positivity, Competition, and Arranger. These CliftonStrengths come to life as he seeks to reach out and build relationships with people in the community, invites people to follow Jesus, tends to the spiritual disciplines, and engages in service in the local community.

Together, these attributes keep Brian focused on people. "I choose you and our relationship," Brian said, "It brings a unity that you can't have unless the relationships are more important than the agenda." 

Brian will challenge you to lead with courage and from your strengths. But more than anything, our prayer is that you'll experience his singular focus on people and the way that God uses our brokenness to find healing, hope, and the love we know in Jesus. 

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