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Dec 24, 2019

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It's time for a moment of honesty. What feelings does Christmas bring up for you? In the midst of the joy, grief, sadness, excitement, ambivalence, hope, promise, nostalgia, and/or weariness, etc. do you have the courage to recognize God is with you?

In this season where the message of Emmanuel, God with us, is being shared, do you have the courage to be vulnerable with God? Whatever you may be experiencing this Christmas, God is with you. The promise of God's presence doesn't dissipate with our feelings. Instead, God shows up, with open arms, waiting to embrace you. 

That's the message of Christmas. God showing up and embracing the world.

When God wanted us to know everything we needed to know about love, God did not write a paragraph, God wrote it in a person – Jesus. 

When God wanted to make it clear how much He loved us.  God did not say it in a sentence, God said it in a Savior – Jesus 

When God sent us the most important message we could ever receive, God did not place it in a mailbox, God placed it in a manger – In Jesus. 

God did not send a text or an email when he came through time to embrace us, God came in person – the person of Jesus. 

When God’s word became flesh, love took on a face.  God’s word became human in Jesus and love became the language of life.

In Jesus, the Word made flesh or God’s word in human form, God is with you in a way you can see, hear, and touch. God is present in the people around you. So, when you live into your values of love and grace you can develop the courage to recognize God is with you.

May God's embrace surround you this Christmas with a love that will not let you go. 

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