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Jun 25, 2019

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Kingdom Leadership

Consider this question for a moment: Is there a difference between the leadership that focuses upon the kingdom of God and the leadership that focuses on the institution? 

Episode 070, 071, and 072 explored your grace story - the experiences of God that shape our faith and lead us into ministry. Today, we build on those discussions and focus on kingdom leadership.

First, we offer a few reminders about the kingdom of God.  Then, we look to the kingdom of God in the New Testament.  We ask a big question: Is there a difference between the kingdom of God and institutions we call denominations and what does that mean for leadership?

"Begin with the church and the kingdom may or may not be recognized. Begin with Jesus and the church becomes an instrument to participate in the kingdom of God by pointing people to reminders that God reigns.

The purpose of the church is to give the world a glimpse of the kingdom, to point the world in the direction of the kingdom."

Here's the invitation for this week: We invite you to into kingdom leadership. First, let's explore three big ideas. Then, we'll offer three questions to consider about your leadership.

  1. Kingdom leadership Roots or grounds everything through the lens of the kingdom of God.  Question to consider: Where is your leadership rooted or grounded?
  1. Kingdom leadership develops relationships and assists people in becoming who God created them to be. Question to consider: How are you developing relationships with people who are not in a relationship with Jesus and the church?
  1. Kingdom leadership points people to Jesus.  Questions to consider: Is Jesus at the center of your leadership? How are you pointing people to Jesus?

A Reminder

Leadership isn't for the faint of heart. This isn't easy. And we guarantee you'll mess it up. While it's simple as a process, it's not always easy to implement - especially when you're inviting people to lead with integrity, faith, and courage. 

Will you commit?

We didn't ask you to commit to being a perfect leader. We asked if you'll step into kingdom leadership, to staying rooted in the kingdom of God, to deepening relationships, to pointing people to Jesus, to screwing it up?

What do you say?

Will you say yes? And, yes, to screw it up? Because when you do, you'll know you're risking faith and kingdom leadership. Then, your role as a kingdom leader is to commit to circling back.

Maybe the best leadership we have to offer is to point people to Jesus in the midst of this lousy, screwed-up, glorious community called the church, which by God’s grace is enough.

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