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Jun 18, 2019

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Your grace story is one that continues to unfold, inviting you to become more of who God created you to be. In this episode we explore our grace stories and the journey toward sanctification.

As a leader, your story informs how you lead. How are you making intentional decisions about growing to be more of who God created you to be? 

While our journeys may start in different places, we all are invited to be at home with God. Explore this idea and the implications for your leadership in Episode 072.

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Time Stamp

1:35 What is Sanctifying Grace?

3:55 Sara's Grace Story

7:19 Relationships are at the center of our Christian journey

13:29 The journey of sanctification

19:26 You are called from grace to grace

20:14 What sanctification is NOT

23:50 Questions to Consider as Leaders

26:03 Implications for Leaders

27:50 We start in different places

29:35 Front porch, door, inside the home

31:40 Being at Home with God

33:45 Invitation