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Mar 26, 2019

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Many of us were taught at a young age that our feelings don’t have a place in getting things done. We learned how to suppress what we were feeling to focus on accomplishing a task before us.

The end result?

We’ve forgotten how to identify our feelings. As a result, our emotional literacy or emotional intelligence is lacking. It’s not that simple. But, it’s the progression of tuning out our emotions and feelings.

If we’re going to lead a movement of Jesus followers, we are convinced it’s going to take courageous leadership. Courageous leadership doesn’t happen void of feelings. Neither does innovation, creativity, productivity, or transformation.

If you seek to lead people to encounter the love of Jesus, it’s time to get clear about what it means to be emotionally literate.

In this episode, Tim and Sara have a conversation about Emotional Literacy. They talk about what it is, why it is important, and offer examples from their own lives and leadership to bring emotional literacy to life.

We ask you to consider what you’re feeling before we dive into coaching Tim through what he was thinking, feeling, and doing to achieve the results he wanted.

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